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Rascani is an extremely poor town in Moldova.

In Rascani the Catholic Faith was suppressed by the Nazis during the Second World War and by the Soviet Union and Communism up until recent times. Since 1991, the Catholic Faith once again started to emerge, although the people had no church or priest. In 2002, three Franciscans moved to Rascani. Since then, people have come steadily back to their faith, interrupted by years of oppression, but their faith they may have repressed but never really lost.

“Divine Mercy in Action” was approached by Bishop Cosa of Chisnau who requested our support to build a new church in Rascani. We have now completed our second Divine Mercy Church in Moldova in Rascani. A Catholic Church in a town means a Centre of Spiritual Life and salvation for many souls. For the Franciscans it will also help with their charitable Works of Mercy.

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Our Lady Untier of Knots

Our Lady Untier of Knots
Unfailing Novena to Our Lady Untier (Undoer) of Knots, a wonderful nine-day prayer to Our Lady. This is Pope Francis' favourite Novena. One of the fastest growing Marian Devotions in the world.


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