Image of Divine Mercy

The Image of Divine MercyMercy or Justice

What is the truth then about God? Is He Mercy or Justice, a merciful Saviour or a just Judge? From the Gospel of Luke, we can get the impression that there is a contradiction between what Jesus is saying to us through Luke, and what He is saying to us through Saint Faustina. (Lk 13, 22-30) 

St. Faustina praying before Jesus

The Image of Divine Mercy

In this article I hope to convey my belief that the Divine Mercy Image is a living Image, and that this Icon of Jesus is much more than just a painting. My conviction comes from the many passages in the Diary telling us this.

Jesus I Trust in YouRecently, in a church in Dublin, a lady recognised me from writing in this magazine. She shared with me her concern that in the church, there was an Image of Divine Mercy did not have the signature, “Jesus I trust in you”. 

The Enthronement of the Divine Mercy Image in the home is the recognition and honouring of the existence of God our Creator by the family. Those who give themselves to trusting in the wonderful love and mercy that His Son, Jesus, brings to us through this Image. 

Diary Passages about the Image of Divine MercyPaint an image according to the pattern you see, with the signature: Jesus, I trust in You. I desire that this image be venerated, first in your chapel, and then throughout the world.(Diary 47)

In this room the original Image was painted with St.Faustina, Fr.Sopocko present Eugene Kazimierowski was the artist who painted the first Image of Divine Mercy which currently hangs in the Shrine of Divine Mercy in Vilnius, Lithuania.

The Vessel of Graces - Divine Mercy ImageThe Image of Divine Mercy is far more than just a religious icon or painting. Although it was painted by a man, it was not imagined by a man. 

The Miracle of the Image - Ugo FestaUgo Festa was born in Vicenza, Italy in 1951. He was struck down at an early age with multiple sclerosis. Gradually his health deteriorated. This led to many other problems in his young life. 

History of the first Image of JesusSince medieval times anyone entering into Vilnius, through the old City gates, are entering through the gates which protected medieval Vilnius from the enemy, for over five hundred years. 

Divine Mercy Image IntroductionThe Image of Divine Mercy is the painting of a vision of Jesus which St. Faustina saw on 22nd February 1931 when she was living in a convent in Plock, Poland. Jesus specifically instructed her to have the vision painted and asked that the painting would have the words, “Jesus, I Trust in You” inscribed on the painting.

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